What is Fearlessly Australian?

As scary as things can get sometimes, what makes us Australian is how we react when the going gets tough. Fearlessly Australian is here to help us find the courage and inspiration to deal with the challenges life throws at us in a positive way, and to address our fears head on.

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"I had nothing in common with the young boys that I was playing with, but I had to break in. Back then, in the early years, Footy was pretty black and white - they were tough on you, and you had to earn your stripes before you got a game."
Joel Selwood
Former AFL Footballer
"I think online there are so many different communities, whether they're negative or positive, and I think when it comes to leadership or taking charge in either one of them … I think that's where true positivity comes from, a good man will stand up and say something."
'Crayator' Nathan Ryan
Online Content Creator
“It’s about understanding your true north, where you want to get to and what you want to achieve in life. For a lot of young people, you don’t find that, it takes time to find what you want to do and what your calling is and that’s fine.”
Robert Irwin
TV personality

For when the going gets tough

Life isn’t always easy, but getting support when we need it makes a big difference. Check out tools and techniques for dealing with challenges, brought to you by those that know!

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We are a preventative mental health and emotional intelligence charity that empowers boys to become great men.

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