Nathan Ryan

Online Content Creator

"I think online there are so many different communities, whether they're negative or positive, and I think when it comes to leadership or taking charge in either one of them … I think that's where true positivity comes from, a good man will stand up and say something."

'Crayator' Nathan Ryan's Story

Trent Maxwell

Bondi Rescue star, author, and firefighter

"Being around negative people … sometimes you can become the negative person too. You really need to pick and choose your tribe and the people that you hang out with, people change and things change … it's okay to change things up."

Trent 'Maxi' Maxwell's Story
Robert Irwin Portrait-Fearlessly Australian Podcast

Robert Irwin

TV personality

“It’s about understanding your true north, where you want to get to and what you want to achieve in life. For a lot of young people, you don’t find that, it takes time to find what you want to do and what your calling is and that’s fine.”

Robert Irwin's Story

Jimmy Crute

UFC Fighter

“If you remain grateful for where you are in the sport or wherever you are in life, then you can keep that hunger to keep going.”

Jimmy Crute's Story

Ryder Jack

Tomorrow Man facilitator

“How are you expected, on the toughest day of your life, to reach out to your people if you’ve never had an honest or vulnerable conversation before? It’s nearly impossible.”

Ryder Jack's Story

Danny Green

Former world champion boxer

“Being fearless is about being comfortable and being secure with who you are as a person, not being afraid to talk about what you are passionate about.”

Danny Green's Story

Tom Boyd

AFL superstar

“I was so full of pride that I had the answers that I didn’t feel comfortable accessing other people’s help. I felt I could do it on my own.”

Tom Boyd's Story

Justin Jones

Extreme adventurer

“Being fearless doesn’t mean you don’t feel fear. The absence of fear is not being immune to it; it’s understanding it, appreciating it and trying to grow from it.”

Justin Jones's Story

Nathan Hindmarsh

NRL hall of famer

“But if things aren’t going your way, being able to ask for help … and I did put my hand up, because I wanted to try to figure out what was wrong with me.”

Nathan Hindmarsh's Story

Ant Williams

Free Diving World Record Holder

“I would do this pattern of one breath every 15 seconds. Having the discipline to do it would change the way I think about the fear. It would change my whole outlook.”

Ant Williams's Story