Who inspires you? Where do you turn when the going gets tough? Joel is joined by legendary actor Eric Bana and Geelong superstar Tom Hawkins to chat about idols, role models and so much more.



Joel Selwood driving on country road


On The Road

Joel Selwood

Come along with AFL legend and Fearlessly Australian host, Joel Selwood, as he heads to Warrnambool and Colac in Victoria to speak to local blokes about what being fearless means to them.


Strong man

Luke Mancuso · Daniel Mancuso

How do you handle life when things go wrong? Where do you find strength? Luke and Daniel Mancuso share their remarkable story with Joel and Jarrah.


Back stronger


Rejection can hurt but how we handle it tells us a lot about who we are. Comedian Daniel Connell joins Jarrah and Joel to chat about this tough topic whilst having a laugh along the way.


The crew


How do you stay true to you when you’re part of a crew? Superstar gamer, Loserfruit and Tigers captain, Trent Cotchin have a few ideas. They join Joel and Jarrah for Episode 2, ‘The Crew’.


Country Boys

Jarryd Roughead

What’s it like being a young bloke in country Australia these days? We head to Horsham, Victoria to ask a few local guys about their experiences living in a regional town. We took a very special guest along for the ride, four-time AFL Premiership winner Jarryd Roughead. Hosted by Tomorrow Man facilitator, Ryder Jack.


Time to reflect


Gamers, fighters, sportspeople: we’ve had guests from all walks of life on the vodcast so far. Now, host Danny Green is looking back and reflecting on the moments that stand out with surprise guests Trent ‘Maxi’ Maxwell and Nathan Hindmarsh.


No shame in that

Brett Blake · Theodore Gavrilescu

Shame can leave a mark, but it doesn’t have to hold us back. Hear how comedian Brett Blake and The Man Cave facilitator Theodore Gavrilescu have overcome shame and changed their lives in this candid chat with Danny Green.



Johnathan Thurston · Pestily

We Aussies love our mates, but what do we value about mateship? Join NRL legend Johnathan Thurston, professional gamer/streamer, Pestily and host Danny Green as they get into why mates are important, finding the right ones and more.


The people around us

Trent 'Maxi' Maxwell · 'Crayator' Nathan Ryan

Why does having good people around us matter more than ever? In this episode, Danny asks former Bondi Rescue star Trent 'Maxi' Maxwell and Twitch streamer Crayator about community.


What am I capable of?

Robert Irwin

Robert Irwin has tamed crocs, is a passionate conservationist and is a talented wildlife photographer; at just 18 years old, he is already a true blue Aussie legend! He joins Danny on an unmissable special episode of the Fearlessly Australian podcast. Danny speaks with Robert about what he's accomplished so far, what his passions are in life, his dad's lasting legacy and what he hopes to achieve in the future.


Being a modern man

Jimmy Crute · Ryder Jack

What does society expect of men today? What do men expect of themselves? In this episode, Danny is joined by UFC fighter Jimmy Crute and Tomorrow Man facilitator Ryder Jack to chat about what it is to be a modern man - they talk everything from firm handshakes, living in a van, not enabling bad behaviour, and how to open up to a mate.


Overcoming adversity

Nathan Parker · Chris Bogusis

When your world is turned upside down, you have a choice: feel sorry for yourself or find ways to move forward. Danny is joined by former ADF airforce officer Nathan Parker and Black Saturday bushfire survivor Chris Bogusis to talk about what it takes to find meaning and purpose after a traumatic event.


Finding strength from within

Nathan Hindmarsh · Ant Williams

In a world where you’re expected to have all the answers, sometimes asking for help is the hardest thing to do. Danny sits down with NRL legend Nathan Hindmarsh and free diving world record holder Ant Williams to talk about how you can find the strength to rise above negativity.


Our fears don’t define us

Justin Jones · Tom Boyd

It takes strength of character and courage to turn your back on a million-dollar AFL contract, or to try and cross an ocean in a two-man kayak. Danny chats with former Western Bulldog Tom Boyd and extreme adventurer Justin Jones about dealing with uncertainty and fear, and not letting it get the better of you.