How ANGRY Can We Make Dylan Buckley?

What does it take to get someone like legendary podcaster Dylan Buckley angry? Our new show I’m Pissed off…Now What? pushes all the buttons, to try and find out. But with a bloke as nice as Dylan, it wasn’t easy!


Pranking Angus Brayshaw to make him ANGRY

I’m Pissed Off… Now What? is back with episode 2, featuring AFL Premiership winning defender Angus Brayshaw. See how he reacts when we tell him he has a parking ticket and his Ute has been towed!


Beau Ryan Under Pressure: Uncovering His Breaking Point

We're back with Episode 3 of 'I'm Pissed Off... Now What?' with featuring Beau Ryan, the TV personality and former Rugby League player. Watch as we concoct a scenario to test his patience. Will the cool and collected Beau lose his cool?


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