Join Cray as he dives into the sneaky world of online dating scams, shares some of his own personal experiences, & tests his scam-spotting skills in a fun quiz. How many will you spot?



Dance like a dude

Get your dancing shoes at the ready. In this episode, Cray reacts to some fire dance vids, embraces being real & even tries some moves! We also hear from Ryder Jack from TomorrowMan, with his take on masculinity.


Australian Debates

Join Cray in this episode as we tackle hot Aussie debates & learn to handle differing opinions with grace! AFL vs. Soccer, single player vs. multiplayer, & more.


Real talk

This episode is all about real talk! Dive into positive online communities with gaming legends, learn their secrets & discover The Man Cave's amazing work on Twitch.


Fearless Factor

Get ready for Fearlessly Plus. Join Crayator as he explores daring feats, tackles fun quizzes & shares epic laughs in this new series. Celebrate Aussie culture, challenge stereotypes & embrace life fearlessly!